CENCO® Electric Steam Generator

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470110-348EA 674.59 USD
CENCO® Electric Steam Generator
Educational Materials Physics Educational Materials Heat/Thermodynamics Learning Activities
This dual-port generator features rapid heat-up and automatic temperature control.

  • Large-Capacity Reservoir Holds 900 ml of Water
  • Built-In Heating Element
  • Thermal-Sensing Circuit
  • Rubber Reservoir Lid
  • One Specific Heat Dipper
It eliminates the complicated setup and open flame typically associated with boilers and steam generators. A large-capacity reservoir holds 900 ml of water, which is enough to supply two work stations with steam for an entire class period. A built-in 800W heating element produces steam from a full reservoir of cold water in under 10 minutes and is completely enclosed for electrical safety. A special thermal-sensing circuit automatically reduces power before the water boils and shuts the unit off when the reservoir is empty.

The large, hard-rubber reservoir lid carries two steam ports and acts as an overpressure release. When the reservoir is in use for heating experiments that don't need a lid, the lid can be easily removed. The one-piece metal design of the reservoir and top of the Electric Steam Generator make the unit easy to clean. It features an illuminated power switch, a continuously variable power control, and a low-water warning light. It is 20 cm in diameter, 30 cm high, and has a 2 m long power cord. The generator supplies one specific heat dipper.