Electrolytic Bridge

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Electrolytic Bridge
Educational Materials Physics Educational Materials Electricity/Magnetism Learning Activities
Students measure the voltages generated by a series of different pairs of half cells using the Electrolytic Bridge.

  • Y Tube Length: 9 cm
  • Bridge Manipulates Half Cells so Their Voltages Can Be Measured
  • Ceramic Material Lets Ions Pass but Stops Electrolytic Fluid
  • Students Measure Voltages Created by Pairs of Half Cells
When you immerse an electrode in its own salt, a half-cell voltage is generated between the electrode and the solution. Measuring half-cell voltages is difficult as they have only one electrode. The Electrolytic Bridge separates the cell into two halves and connects them with a separate electrolyte. By measuring a series of electrode materials against a single standard, half-cell voltages can be established.

The apparatus consists of a Y tube with an overall length of 9 cm. The end of each arm is fitted with a special ceramic material that lets ions pass but filters electrolytic fluid.

Ordering information: This kit requires a voltmeter, sold separately.