Electron Spin Resonance

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Electron Spin Resonance
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Gain Understanding of Spectroscopy Through First-Hand Observation

Illustrate electron spin resonance — the technique for studying chemical species that have one or more unpaired electrons. The basic physical concepts of ESR are analogous to those of nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR), but it is electron spins that are excited instead of spins of atomic nuclei. This experiment enables students to observe clear electron spin resonance peaks of DPPH at low magnetic fields in the radio frequency regions. For a complex experiment, the instrumentation is simple and within reach of typical post graduate laboratories. The experiment includes a complete ESR spectrometer with X-Y outputs suitable for any inexpensive CRO. The Spectrometer includes helmholtz coils with a 50Hz magnetic field, a marginal RF oscillator (9-18MHz), sample holder with DPPH, rectifier and amplifiers, and X-Y Outputs for CRO. 110/220V, 50Hz/60Hz. Size: 65 x 32 x 30cm; weight: 22 lbs.