Elements and the Periodic Table Student Activity

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Elements and the Periodic Table Student Activity
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Two Activities Introduce Your Students to the Periodic Table of Elements

  • Learn how elements that react similarly are placed in categories or groups
  • Discover how elements combine together determine compound characteristics and properties
  • Develop evidence based scientific inquiry skills
  • Requires 2-3 50 minutes classroom periods to complete
This kit contains two engaging student activities. In Activity 1, students compare pre-selected data on physical and chemical properties of 14 elements and sort the elements into groups based on common properties. Then they compare their classifications with groups or families of elements as defined by scientists. In Activity 2, students are introduced to the Periodic Table of the Elements and read about its history and organization. The reading introduces the difference between elements and compounds as well as atoms, molecules, and chemical formulas.

Ordering information: Materials include LAB-AIDSĀ® Element Cards sets, Periodic Tables of the Elements, LAB-AIDSĀ® Element Family Cards sets.