CENCO® Engraved Precision Force Table

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CENCO® Engraved Precision Force Table
Educational Materials Physics Educational Materials Mechanics Learning Activities
The Engraved Precision Force Table is made with extra-thick aluminum and has a laser-engraved rim with graduations for accurate and easy-to-read measurements.

  • Center Ring
  • Four Low-Friction Pulleys With Clamps
  • Four Mass Hangers
  • Nylon Pulley Cord
  • Assortment of Slotted Masses
The pulley clamps are specially designed to conform to the curve of the circular table, so the pulleys will not wobble. These low-inertia pulleys with miniature bearings ensure parallax-free angle readings.

The sturdy support rod and heavy tripod base with leveling screws give the table stable support, and the heavy center pin fits into the tabletop for easy assembly.

Ordering information: The slotted masses assortment includes four 50 g, four 100 g, two 10 g, and two 20 g.