CENCO® Enhanced Student Spectrometer

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470339-776EA 45.25 USD
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CENCO® Enhanced Student Spectrometer
Spectrophotometers and Photometers UV/Visible Spectrophotometers
Many advanced features in this economical instrument aid student learning in this Economical Instrument.

  • Illuminated Auto-Collimation System
  • Instructions
  • Prism
  • Auto-Collimation Mirror
  • Cast-Iron Tripod Base
Our Enhanced Student Spectrometer is a solidly-constructed instrument provided with features and accessories that assist students in making precise measurements of spectral lines or prism angles.

Mounted on a heavy cast-iron tripod base, the spectrometer has excellent bearings for smooth, precise operation of the telescope, table, a divided circle, and a 5 mm slit mechanism. It also features an illuminated auto-collimation system for easy, rapid setup to ensure correct optical alignment of the instrument. Circle and verniers are fully rotatable and have 4° range fine adjustments engaged by lock screws.

Ordering information: The instrument comes with a prism, a 300 lines/mm replica grating and holder, an auto-collimation mirror, a power supply, adjustment tools, and a full instruction manual.