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EnviroScape® Educational Environmental Models
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Watershed Nonpoint Source Model

Watershed Nonpoint Source ModelWater pollution comes from many sources. Nonpoint sources contribute a great deal to the pollution in our water bodies. This model demonstrates the combined affect of pollution from many small sources and the impact it can have on the quality of our shared water sources.It tracks pollution from nonpoint sources, such as residential areas, forestry areas, transportation, recreation, agriculture and construction, as well as from industry as a point source. Using items such as cocoa (for soil) and colored drink mixes (for chemicals), the unit demonstrates how visually apparent pollution and runoff are when rain is falling through a watershed to a body of water. It also teaches best management practices using items such as felt buffer strips (for vegetation), clay (to create berms) and other methods to show conservation and water pollution prevention techniques at work. The unit comes complete with a kit containing everything you need to demonstrate the movement of water through a watershed and the pollution that runoff may cause. This unit includes nonpoint source landscape top (topographical map) with storm drain pipe, clear base, houses, barn, factory, drain pipe, treatment plant, trees, golf flags, cows, cars and best management practices such as buffer strips, clay berms, manure container, soil, oils and chemicals (cocoa, drink mixes and oil mix), bridges, watercatcher, rainmaker, water plug, and User’s Guide.