Essential Physics Demo: Gyroscope Suitcase

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Essential Physics Demo: Gyroscope Suitcase
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A Simple Way to Demonstrate Conservation of Angular Momentum

The powerful force of a gyroscope can be safely seen and felt with this simple spinning wheel on low–friction bearings, encased inside a wooden suitcase with top handle. A pull string sets the wheel in motion, or any power drill can be used to start the wheel. When students hold the case by the handle and spin around in a circle, the force causes the case to tilt toward them. When they spin the opposite way, the case tilts away from them, demonstrating the effect of a classic gyroscope. The top half of one side of the case can be removed to see the spinning wheel in action. Includes a demonstration guide. Power drill not included. Wheel is 14" in diameter. Size of case: 6H×19W×3" D.