Essential Physics Demo: Hydroelectric Demonstration

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Essential Physics Demo: Hydroelectric Demonstration
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This hydroelectric demonstration introduces students to the wave of renewable energy.

  • Instructions Included
  • Assembly and Execution Are Simple
  • Ideal for Introducing a Lesson or Using as Reinforcement After a Lesson
  • Demo Introduces Students to Renewable Energy
  • Students Also Observe How an Electrical Current is Affected by Resistance
The exciting demonstrations connect students to core physics and physical science concepts. With quick set up and operation, these demos give educators more time to work with students.

It features a 3.5" wide paddle wheel that is powered by flowing faucet water, students are able to watch the water energize the wheel, which, in turn, rotates a motor that generates electricity to power a DC motor, light bulb, or diode. This also provides for an excellent illustration of how an electrical circuit is affected by its resistance. When the light bulb is being used, students see that the generator turns slower because the light bulb has a higher resistance than the motor, requiring greater water pressure to cause the bulb to light.

Ordering information: This kit includes an apparatus and demonstration guide. A sink with a faucet hose and drain are required but not included.