Essential Physics Demo: Impossible Drinking Straw

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Essential Physics Demo: Impossible Drinking Straw
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Present these demonstrations in front of your class to excite your students about learning core physics concepts. Set up and execution are simple, so you can spend more time engaging your students.

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Ideal for introducing a unit or using as reinforcement after a lesson, these demos are available for all fundamental physical science topics. More than a convenient sipping tool, these straws illustrate the physics of air pressure. Students test their ability to draw fluid up very tall vertical straws. How far will the fluid travel in the 32 foot tubes? What is the drawing power of students’ lungs? Students answer these questions and more in a fun, hands-on and mouths-on experiment.

Delivery information: Includes 32 foot tubing, 32 two inch mouth pieces, tube holder, jar, food coloring, and a tube clamp.