Essential Physics Demo: Induction Jump Rope

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Essential Physics Demo: Induction Jump Rope
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Study magnetic force fields.

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Present these demonstrations in front of your class to excite your students about learning core physics concepts. Set up and execution are simple, so you can spend more time engaging your students. Ideal for introducing a unit or using as reinforcement after a lesson, these demos are available for all fundamental physical science topics.

This is a great way to demonstrate induction and the power of the Earth's magnetic field. When the banana plugs on the ends are connected to a galvanometer and the cord is twirled perpendicular to the Earth's magnetic field, voltage will be produced in the wire due to the difference of the changing magnetic fields. On the other hand, if both cords are twirled at the same time or are parallel with the Earth's magnetic field, then no voltage is produced. Includes a 50' long rope (which is spliced to become two 25' long loops if desired), a galvanometer, and connecting wires