Essential Physics Demo: Large Demonstration Lenses

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LN-SPH12 LS125-100 LS125-150 LNX125-50 LNX125-100 LS125-50 LNSP125-V10 LNX125-150 LN-5SPL
470017-154EA 19.75 USD
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Essential Physics Demo: Large Demonstration Lenses
Educational Materials Physics Educational Materials Optics Learning Activities
Makes demonstrations viewable by the entire classroom.

  • Large scale for easy demonstrations
  • Parts are available separately
  • Easily demonstrates real and virtual images
Make all your optics experiments easily visible by the entire class with these large demonstration lenses which are easily mounted on a large lens support stand. Demonstrate a telescope, microscope or neutralizing lens by mixing all the different lenses. The set includes six lenses and the large lens support stand.