Essential Physics Demo: Magnetic Deflection of an Electron Beam

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This works, but the light is dim, one of the screws where the cord attaches is loose/stripped, and the directions and labels are inadequate.
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Essential Physics Demo: Magnetic Deflection of an Electron Beam
Educational Materials Physics Educational Materials Electricity/Magnetism Learning Activities
This demo features a cathode beam to explain the electromagnetic nature of electrons.

  • Easy-To-See Beam
  • Built-In Power Supply
  • Easy-To-Change Bulb
  • Simple Assembly and Operation
  • Students Learn about Cathodes and Anodes
The exciting demonstrations connect students to core physics and physical science concepts. With quick set up and operation, these demos give educators more time to work with students.

In this demo, students observe how an electron beam interacts with a magnet when the pair are placed close to each other. A self-contained power supply holds a vacuum tube with an anode and cathode. The cathode end features a phosphorous coating, which glows when exposed to electrons. A student brings a magnet near to see how the magnet causes the electron beam to move in a perpendicular direction.

Ordering information: This kit includes a power supply, vacuum tube, and instructions. A magnet is required but not included.