Essential Physics Demo: Magnetic Force on a Conductor

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Essential Physics Demo: Magnetic Force on a Conductor
Educational Materials Physics Educational Materials Electricity/Magnetism Learning Activities
The Magnetic Force on a Conductor demo show students how a current-carrying conductor behaves when placed in an external magnetic field.

  • Simple Assembly and Operation
  • Affordable
  • Four Ceramic Magnets Included
  • Demonstration Guide Included
  • Students Observe How Magnetic Fields and Currents Affect Conductors
The exciting demonstration connects students to core physics and physical science concepts. With quick set up and operation, it gives educators more time to work with students.

This demonstration consists of two conducting arms that hang from an adjustable pivot point, which can be connected to a DC current (up to 5A) through a wire. A metal bracket holds two pairs of ceramic magnets above and below the conducting arms. When voltage is applied across the conducting arms, the generated magnetic field interacts with the ceramic magnets, moving the arms left or right. The teacher alters the direction of the current and the orientation of the magnets, and students predict the how the arms will moved based on the currents applied and magnetic field direction.

Ordering information: This kit includes four ceramic magnets and a demonstration guide. A DC power supply or three D batteries in series are required but not provided.