Essential Physics Demo: Specific Heat Slide

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Essential Physics Demo: Specific Heat Slide
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Present these demonstrations in front of your class to excite your students about learning core physics concepts. Set up and execution are simple, so you can spend more time engaging your students. Ideal for introducing a unit or using as reinforcement after a lesson, these demos are available for all fundamental physical science topics.

A dramatic way to illustrate the different heat capacities of metal, this slide features a slanted panel with four grooves to hold four different metals.

Simply place a sheet of bee's wax in the front of the pane and submerge the metal samples in hot water. When the metals are placed on the grooves simultaneously they will melt and sink through to different levels based on their specific heat. Includes four metals cylinders: aluminum, copper, lead, and tin, support stand, two pieces of bees wax, and instructions.