Essential Physics Demo: Thermal Bar Breaker

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Essential Physics Demo: Thermal Bar Breaker
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  • Present these demonstrations in front of your class to excite your students about learning core physics concepts
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Ideal for introducing a unit or using as reinforcement after a lesson, these demos are available for all fundamental physical science topics.

Provide a visual for students on the topics of thermal expansion and contraction. A threaded steel bar in two slots is held in place by a heavy cast iron frame. Insert the cast iron bar on one end of the steel bar and a tightening nut on the other. When you apply heat to the steel bar, with either a bunsen burner or blow torch, students will be able to see the iron bar come loose from its place. Once the bar is allowed to cool and the tightening nut is turned, the force of the contraction will break the iron bar. Ten steel bars are included.