Essential Physics Demo: Safe Doppler Effect

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Essential Physics Demo: Safe Doppler Effect
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Teachers demonstrate the Doppler effect with this safe and hands-on activity.

  • Foam Ball with Buzzer and Battery Included
  • Demonstration Guide Included
  • String Not Included
  • Simple Set Up and Operation
  • For Exploring the Doppler Effect
The exciting demonstrations connect students to core physics and physical science concepts. With quick set up and operation, these demos give educators more time to work with students.

A large soft foam ball is cut in half. An electronic buzzer is buried at its center. When the two halves are connected and tossed around the room, students can hear the change in the sound. For a educator-led demonstration, teachers can tie a string around the center of the ball and swings it in a circular motion around your their head to hear the change in sound as it passes. Its soft foam construction ensures that if it hits an object or another student, nothing will be hurt.