Ward's® Exploring Convection Currents Lab Activity

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Love this kit! It's great for AP Environmental Science. My only complaint is that I can't order another set up or two without buying the full kit again (I need 6-7 groups per class). Hope this is an option in the future so I can add to my kit more easily.
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Good lab activity- easy to refill - I use this in an oceanography class to teach about atmospheric circulation and the effects of salinity and temp. on density. This lab is easy to set and run, and the refilling the supplies only requires a trip to the grocery store. The lab write up makes solid real world connections to what the students do in the activities. Definitely worth the investment, I have been using the same kit for ab
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Ward's® Exploring Convection Currents Lab Activity
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Students experiment with circulation in air and water with this lab activity.

  • Dyed Water Makes Convections Cells Clearly Visible
  • Concepts Apply to the Atmosphere and Oceans
  • Teacher's Guide Included
  • Material for Five Labs
The lab explores the concept of convention and relates it to the circulation patterns in the atmosphere and oceans. Ocean density currents are influenced by temperature and by salinity. By mixing warm and cold water, or salt water and fresh water, which are dyed for visibility, students can easily see convection currents form. They can also model the development of wind due to convection.

The lab comes with a teacher’s guide, student copy masters, and all necessary material for five setups.