Focus On Genetics Cd Rom

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Focus On Genetics Cd Rom
Four popular simulation programs, ranging from introductory to advanced, are now available on one CD-ROM. Introductory Genetics introduces Mendel’s laws, Punnett squares, probability, genotype and phenotype ratios, expression of genes in inbreeding, and more. Karyotypes and Genetic Disorders explores human karyotypes and the genetic disorders that can be diagnosed with this technique. Includes animated sequences showing major types of chromosome errors. Kangasaurus-Transmission Genetics is an advanced simulation that has students manipulating variables to design their own genetic system. In Natural Selection, students study the effects of industrial pollution on a moth population by conducting simulated experiments with changing variables.

System Requirements:
WIN: WIN 95; 486DX/66 MHz CPU; SVGA monitor.
MAC: System 7.1+; 68040+ CPU.
Both: 8 MB RAM; 12 MB free hard drive space; 256 colors; 14” monitor; 2X+ CD-ROM drive.