United Scientific™ Push/Pull Spring Scales

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United Scientific™
PS5000 PS2000 PSSET6 PS0250 PS3000 PS0500 PS1000
470150-474EA 19 USD
470150-474 470150-550 470150-620 470340-190 470150-486 470017-446 470150-868
United Scientific™ Push/Pull Spring Scales
Balances and Scales
Versatile spring scale.

  • Weighs in Grams and Newtons
  • Color coded to differentiate capacity
These Push Pull Spring Scales are a versatile spring scale that can be used to measure forces using push or pull functions, or to weigh a suspended object from the large hook.

Delivery information: Includes a zero adjustment screw, a metal suspension ring, instructions and application sheets.

Caution: This product is for ages six and up.