Vernier® Force Plate

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Yes, I recommend
Large platform that is very durable. I use it as a demo for students to introduce action and reaction forces but let the students use the force meters for labs.
Reply associate Published 08/30/2018
Thanks for sharing!
470002-958EA 358.99 USD
Vernier® Force Plate
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Study Newton's third law.

  • Dimensions: 28 cm by 32 cm by 5 cm
About the size of a bathroom scale, the Vernier force plate measures forces of stepping, jumping and other human-scale actions. You can observe the change in normal force during an elevator ride, or measure the impulse delivered by the floor when you jump. The Force Plate has two ranges, one for larger forces up to 3500 N, and a more sensitive 800 N range for pushing experiments. Use with LabQuest Mini or LabQuest sensor interfaces, sold separately.

Maximum non-damaging force: 4500 N (1000 lb) compression or 900 N (200 lb) pull evenly distributed.