Forensic Enzymology Lab Activity

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Forensic Enzymology Lab Activity
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Investigate Trace Evidence of Enzymes in Saliva Samples

After a head-on automobile collision, two passengers, one from each car, were critically injured but the drivers were barely hurt. Each driver claimed that the other driver fell asleep at the wheel and caused the accident. The attending police officer recorded the required information and arranged for all victims to be taken to the local hospital where physical exams were performed along with analysis of saliva and other samples from each patient. Students will determine the level of saliva amylase in each sample to determine who was responsible for the accident due to falling asleep at the wheel. Kit includes instructions, simulated patient saliva samples, starch, HCl, detection solutions, transfer pipettes, microtiter plates, and micro test tubes. Required but not included: spectrophotometer, test tube rack, lab markers, test tubes, beakers, distilled water, linear graph paper. Materials provided for ten groups. Kit includes two modules, each takes 45 minutes to complete.