Ward's® Forensics Slide Sets

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Great slides - I purchased the general forensic set and the fiber types set. Both of them are very good, one thing I would note about the comparison slides is that it is hard to tell which specimen is which.
SARGENTWELCH.com associate Published 05/29/2024
Thank you!
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Ward's® Forensics Slide Sets
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Students view the identifying features of a crime scene in detail.

  • Easy-to-Distinguish Identifying Features
  • Rigorous Quality Control Standards
  • Three Different Sets Available
The slide sets include all the evidence needed to solve the crime.

The sets meet rigorous quality control standards.

Ordering information:
The general forensics set includes blood, human (sm); blood, mammal (sm); bloodstained textile fibers (wm); cheek cells, human (sm); DNA in cells (sect); fingerprints, three types (wm); hair, three types (wm); skin, human (sect).

The trace evidence set includes air pollution (wm); cellulose paper fiber (wm); chalk (wm); corn starch (wm); cosmetic types (sm); dandruff (wm); dust, volcanic (wm); dust, common (wm); dust, iron (wm); fiberglass (wm); pollen, mixed, sixteen types (wm); pollen, mixed, twenty types (wm); pollen, mature, lily (wm);pollen, germinating (wm); salt (wm); sand (wm); sawdust (wm); tobacco, dried (wm); toothpaste (sm).

The fiber types set includes cotton/linen/hemp/silk(wm); nylon/Dacron/rayon (wm); dyed fibers(wm); nylon/ wool(wm); silk(wm); wool(wm).