Forward Vision II Workstation

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Forward Vision II Workstation
Furniture Modular Workstations
Everything science teachers want. Designed with teacher input and desire for a safe, secure classroom.

  • 3/4" phenolic resin surface
  • Constructed of solid oak and oak veneers
  • Designed to be used by four students, all facing the instructor
  • Diversified Woodcrafts is SEFA compliant and MAS Certified Green
  • Finishing the workstation is rubber base molding and a durable chemical resistant UV finish
  • Flat Work surface for maximum workspace
  • Full cabinet doors with locks include adjustable shelves
  • Two GFI protected AC duplex receptacles and data outlets
Teachers maintain control of the class with all students facing the instructor. The large work surface, 46"D x 88"W is made of chemical resistant phenolic resin and holds the solid epoxy sink, and two combination cold water and gas fixtures. Data and electrical outlets are provided on the side of the unit. The cabinets provide locked storage space. Side mounted hooks hold book bags off the floor. The units are finished with a chemical resistant, earth-friendly UV finish. Includes two GFI AC duplex outlets. Also available with a flat top (no sink or fixtures). This model is compact enough to fit multiple units in a small classroom and is easy to assemble.

The cabinets provide a locked storage space, and side mounted hooks secure book bags safely away from the floor.

Ordering information: This workstation is available with a flat top, without a sink or fixtures, and with different electrical options.