Franck Hertz

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Franck Hertz
Educational Materials Physics Educational Materials Quantum Mechanics Learning Activities
This classic physics experiment demonstrates how energy is transferred from electrons as a result of inelastic collisions while passing through Neon gas.

  • Students Witness Visible Energy Transfer between Atoms
  • Data Logger with Software
  • Power Supply: 230V
  • Neon Tube
  • Current Sensor
The transfer of energy occurs in discrete steps corresponding to the excitement by collisions of distinct energy level transitions in the neon atoms. When atoms are excited, they can be viewed directly, making it possible to detect zones where the light and excitation is more intense.

This experiment requires Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/VISTA/7/8/10 (Pro and Home). It does not support Mac OS.

Ordering information: This experiment includes a Franck-Hertz unit, data logger with software, 230V power supply, Neon tube, current sensor, voltage sensor, and leads.