Franck-Hertz Apparatus with Argon Tube

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470110-376EA 3843.25 USD
Franck-Hertz Apparatus with Argon Tube
Educational Materials Physics Educational Materials Quantum Mechanics Learning Activities
This self-contained apparatus demonstrates the existence of quantized states.

  • No Heating Required
  • Unit Can Be Used Alone or with Oscilloscope Display
  • Provided Power Cord: 1.8 m
  • Ten-Turn Potentiometer
  • For Demonstrating the Existence of Quantized States
Teachers can perform the experiment in one lab period because the use of argon as a filling gas for the Franck-Hertz tube eliminates the need to wait for the tube to reach a high temperature. The compact design, with all voltage supplies built in and all measurements available on two panel meters, gets rid of the time-consuming setup of tube connections. The experiment is easy to conduct and students can record data manually or automatically. When plotting the Franck-Hertz curve manually, a 10-turn potentiometer finely adjusts the anode potential between 0V and 100V, which is displayed on one panel meter while the anode current is monitored on a second panel meter.

Seven clear minima and maxima can be plotted. An automatic scan setting allows the Franck-Hertz curve to be displayed on an oscilloscope operating in X-Y mode or captured by a computer interface system. The apparatus is housed in a rugged metal case that can withstand many years of lab use. One 1.8 m long power cord is included.