Friction on an Inclined Plane

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Friction on an Inclined Plane
Educational Materials Physics Educational Materials Mechanics Learning Activities
This set demonstrates a wide variety of physical science topics including the resolution of forces on an inclined plane, kinetic and potential energies, uniform and accelerated motions, and the friction between two surfaces.

  • Inclined Board Can Be Set to a Range of Angles
  • For Studying Concepts Related to Friction
  • Instructions Included
  • Board Length: 60 cm
  • Board Width: 10 cm
Students can explore and determine the coefficients of static and sliding friction and also verify normal and frictional components of the force exerted by the plane.

The 10 x 60 cm wooden inclined board can be set at any angle between zero and 45°, and angle measurements can be made directly through the two scales on the included protractor.