Sargent Welch® Frog Model

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Sargent Welch® Frog Model
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This model is the perfect tool for teaching frog anatomy.

  • Hand-Painted Details
  • Specimen Features Ventral and Dorsal Dissections
  • Model Mounted on stainless steel rod
  • Vinyl Construction
Standing almost 16" from nose to toe, it is large enough to be seen from the back of the classroom. The specimen is a female grass frog, Rana Pippins, that features both ventral and dorsal dissections. The ventral side displays the digestive, respiratory, circulatory, and urogenital systems along with the liver, gall bladder, two egg masses, and vomerine teeth. The dorsal side exposes the brain, central nervous system, and an eyeball. Both sides reveal skeletal and muscular systems.

Cast in resilient vinyl, it is unbreakable even after years of use. The specimen is mounted on a stainless steel rod with a base, and it can be removed from the rod for closer examination of the hand-painted details.

Ordering information: This model includes a key sheet with more than 50 structures.