Fundamentals of Physics Centripetal Force Apparatus

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Fundamentals of Physics
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Fundamentals of Physics Centripetal Force Apparatus
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Fun, Hands-On, and Safe Exploration of Force

  • Investigate the power of force acting on a rotating object with the centripetal force whirling table
This hand-driven apparatus is spun around and around, rotating a bar to move a mass, stretching the attached spring as it is turned. Once the mass reaches a set distance from the center of the table, a battery-powered bulb in the center is lit, indicating the optimum velocity has been reached. Students can witness the effects of velocity on the positioning of a mass with this safe and hands-on activity. Turn this simple demonstration into a complete quantitative lab activity by attaching a photogate to the apparatus, available separately. Requires the FUNdamentals of Physics Whirling Table and Photogate System, available separately.