Fundamentals of Physics Springs

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Sping Constants - I am not finding the spring constants for the blue, green, and pink springs published. It would be nice if they were included as part of the product description so that I can have my students easily calculate their percent error when completing lab reports.
Reply associate Published 09/26/2019
The spring constants are provided in Data Table 1 in the instructions. I would be happy to email you this table.
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Fundamentals of Physics Springs
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These springs are an oversized demonstration of Hooke's Law.

  • Demo Helps Students Explore Differences in Springs of Common Length
  • Students Investigate Series and Parallel Springs
  • Three Short Springs Included
  • Five Long Springs Included
  • Instructions with Activities Included
Three short springs have common spring constants. For an even larger demonstration, five long springs, three with common spring constants and two with higher and lower spring constants, are included.

An attached meter, scale, and pointer make recording data easy and fun.

Ordering information: This kit includes eight springs, a triple spring holder, a meter stick, a pointer, multiple spring brackets, and instructions with activities. It requires the Fun Stand and hooked masses, available separately.