Fundamantals of Physics Ballistic Pendulum

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I initially had problems with this device measuring too high of angles, so I taped two 50 g masses on (one above and one below the catch) and now it works well. My students got between 8 to 12% error in initial velocity from what we measured using a BeeSpi photogate.
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Fundamantals of Physics Ballistic Pendulum
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The Ballistic Pendulum is spring-loaded for easy investigations.

  • Three Firing Positions
  • Pendulum Catch
  • Spring-Loaded Launcher
  • Horizontal Launcher
  • Students Research Conservation of Momentum and Projectiles
Students can research the conservation of momentum and projectiles with this spring-loaded launcher, which features three firing positions and a pendulum catch. Users can quickly attach a photogate to measure the actual velocity of the marble. It also works as horizontal launcher.

A photogate is available separately.