Fundamentals of Physics Constant Motion Car

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Fundamentals of Physics Constant Motion Car
Educational Materials Physics Educational Materials Physics Fundamentals Learning Activities
Using a strip of tape and this dynamic FUN car, students can visualize key physical science concepts.

  • Thrilling Illustration of Acceleration and Velocity
  • Adjustable Car Wheels
  • Activity Manual Included
  • Four Preset Speeds
  • Students Visualize Key Physical Science Concepts
As the car rolls over a strip of tape, it pushes a marker down in regularly timed intervals, which creates a pattern of dots that vary based on the speed of the car. If the car is freely rolling down an incline, the dots will gradually have a larger distance between them, illustrating the idea of acceleration.

If you switch the motor to one of the four preset speeds, students are given a stunning demonstration of constant velocity because no matter what constant speed the dots were traveling at, they are always equally spaced. You can also switch the car's wheels to roll freely.

Ordering information: This kit includes an activity manual. It requires but does not include four AA batteries, a marker, and adding machine tape.