Fundamentals of Physics Electric Circuits

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Fundamentals of Physics Electric Circuits
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The Electric Circuits Kit has everything needed to investigate simple, series, and parallel circuits, Ohm’s Law, and resistivity.

  • Instruction Manual Included
  • Kit Accepts Push-Bottom Switch, Light Bulb, Variable Resistor, and Connecting Bar
  • Twelve Steel Posts
  • Three Built-In Battery Holders
  • Students Research Ohm's Law, Resistivity, and More
Instead of the mess of wires usually blocking the study of electrical circuits in traditional setups, this circuit board has 12 steel posts that accept four types of common circuit components: a push-button switch, light bulb, variable resistor, and connecting bar.

Three built-in battery holders allow circuits to be connected to a 1.5, 3.0, or 4.5V battery.

Ordering information: This kit includes 10 connecting bars, 6 light bulb bars, 2 push button switches, a variable resistor, 3 coils of various sized wire, graphite rods, steel wool, connecting wires, and an activity guide. Batteries are required but not included.