Fundamentals of Physics Pile Driver/Resonance Tube

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Fundamentals of Physics Pile Driver/Resonance Tube
Educational Materials Physics Educational Materials Physics Fundamentals Learning Activities
Study Wavelengths and Energy All With One Device

  • Demonstrate energy conservation
  • Determine kinetic energy
  • Can be used as a resonance tube
Uniquely constructed to act as a resonance tube or pile driver, this simple device is comprised of an 80cm acrylic tube with a mounted metric scale on its side. Place a container of play dough beneath the tube to demonstrate conservation of energy. When a mass is dropped from the top of the tube it drives a nail into container of play-dough at the bottom. Dropping the mass from different heights pushes the nail in varying depths. Since the tube is clear, the FUNdamentals of Physics photogates can also be used to accurately measure the time of the mass through the tube at different heights. Since the velocity at the top of the tube is zero, students can then use the idea of conservation of energy to determine the kinetic energy at the bottom of the tube and the amount of work done on the nail. When the nail holder and play dough are removed from the apparatus, it can be used as a resonance tube. Striking a tuning fork near the bottom of the tube and slowly lifting on the masses inside the tube will yeild positions where the tone is louder. Students can use this to investigate the wavelength of different tuning forks and to approximate the speed of sound. Kit includes two different sized dropping masses, 80 cm long tube, mounting hardware, nail holder, two nails of different sizes, three tuning forks, a container of play dough, and activity guide. Requires the Fun Stand and Photogate System, available separately.