Fundamentals of Physics Rotational Motion

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Fundamentals of Physics Rotational Motion
Educational Materials Physics Educational Materials Physics Fundamentals Learning Activities
Students investigate the relationship between linear and angular velocity.

  • Apparatus Features 40 cm Wide Disc
  • Activity Guide Included
  • Moveable Pegs
  • Student-Friendly Process
  • Purpose for Students: to Understand the Relationship between Linear and Angular Velocity
Easy to operate, this student-friendly apparatus consists of a 40 cm wide disc driven by a motorized wheel. The disc’s moveable pegs can be positioned at a specific distance from the center, and a photogate reads the frequency of the pegs when placed at different positions on the spinning disc.

When students measure the frequency of the pegs at different positions but a constant rotation, they find the angular velocity to be consistent while the linear velocities are different. The drive motor can be positioned near the center of the disk, causing a faster rotation, or near the edge, which causes a slower rotation.

Ordering information: This kit includes an activity guide. It requires the Photogate System and Power Supply, available separately.