Gaussian Gun

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Gaussian Gun
Educational Materials Physics Educational Materials Electricity/Magnetism Learning Activities
Teach magnetism, motion, Newton’s Laws, and more with this fun ball launcher. Simply align these powerful neodymium magnets on a linear rail and arrange steel balls in a sequence for a truly engaging lesson. When properly arranged, a slow moving steel ball will be accelerated to between three and four times its original speed by the pull of magnets and Newton’s Third Law of Motion. As a ball approaches the powerful magnet, it is accelerated into that magnet, but on the other side of the magnet there are two balls in a row. The impact of that ball kicks off the farthest ball on the other side just like Newton’s Cradle. The released ball, however, has the energy of the magnetic acceleration propelling it faster than the original ball. This phenomenon is possible because it begins its journey already a ball away from the original magnet. When this motion happens four times in a row, there is enough velocity built up to shoot a ball across the room. This demonstration includes ten 3/4" steel balls, a low friction track with an open end for launching the balls, four neodymium magnets, and four magnet holders, which allow the user to move the magnets and reverse their polarity towards one another.