Genecon Hand Operated Generator

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B-2637-001 B10-2632
470006-386EA 94.75 USD
470006-386 470012-820
Genecon Hand Operated Generator
With this generator, students have the power of electricity in the palm of their hands.

  • Tactile Fun for Students
  • Transparent Design for Internal Viewing
  • Students Learn about Generators and Motors
  • Color-Coded Cord and Plug
  • Generator Produces 12V
The modern design offers an unprecedented 12VDC of generating capacity. The transparent ABS resin construction lets users see the internal structure of the generator. The new, color-coded cord and plug have been thoughtfully designed for durability and long-lasting performance.

The direction of the rotation handle determines polarity. You can reverse polarity by cranking the handle in the opposite direction. It produces approximately 200mA of usable current. When connecting one GENECON to another or to a low power source, the generator acts as a motor.

Ordering information: This generator includes a color-coded plug and cord.