Genetic Games

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Genetic Games
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Reinforce Concepts With Fun Classroom Competition.

  • Includes 2 Different Classroom Games
  • Introduce The Topics Of Genes, Or Base Pairs
Two separate games are included for use throughout your genetics unit. Genetic Dice are provided with a game board and colorful chips, which can be used for a number of games and applications. You can also introduce the genetic code using a set of Bingo type games, which utilize a Gene Wheel like the Wheel of Fortune, colorful handouts, and game chips.

Gene of Fortune™
This novel "Bingo" game is an excellent resource to introduce concepts of the genetic code. The games can be played over several class periods. Concepts reinforced include the genetic code, single and three letter amino acid abbreviations, and the characteristics of amino acids. The game includes the Gene of Fortune™ Spinner, 10 different cards, game chips, and instruction manual.

Genetic Dice™
Using Genetic Dice™, students will have fun while they learn about DNA. This resource utilizes a set of game boards, genetic dice, and game chips to reinforce concepts centering on Watson-Crick DNA base pair rules.