Kemtec® Genetics 2

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Kemtec® Genetics 2
Educational Materials Biology Educational Materials Genetics Learning Activities
Learn about genetics through phenotypes.

  • Use observable traits to determine likely genotypes
  • Blood typing, taste and physical traits used
  • Build a genotype history
Genetics II presents students with a hands on activity in which to study the inheritance of multiple alleles, examine karyotypes, and study pedigrees. Students observe the antigen-antibody reaction for ABO blood groups using simulated blood. Then, they identify the blood types of four people and apply the concept of codominance to determine possible genotypes and phenotypes of future generations. Students learn how nondisjunction can cause autosomal and sex chromosome disorders during meiosis while studying karyotypes. They learn to construct pedigree charts and use them to show how genotypes of genetic traits may be followed through a number of generations. Then, students create pedigrees for tongue rolling and examine the ability of their family to taste bitter using PTC paper.

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