Geoblox Oceanography Models

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Geoblox Oceanography Models
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Help students understand oceanography concepts by building models.

  • Models cover all major aspects of oceanography
  • Display difficult to visualize concepts
  • Models can be copied for student use
Each of the 20 model patterns has an explanation printed on the back. Models include barrier islands (sea-dunes and dunes-lagoon), rip currents, wave refraction, a beach with sea cliff, high tide (far side), long shore current, breaking wave (plunging, spilling, and surging), ocean zones, parts of an ocean wave, downwelling, Ekman spiral, hurricane, land breeze, sea breeze, marine carbon cycle, and upwelling. The set of patterns is comb-bound and can be used as a copymaster to produce enough for the entire class, or enlarge the patterns and use them as demonstration models.

NOTE: Models do not come preassembled. Students and educators are meant to use the patterns and instructions in the booklet to construct the models for educational purposes. Constructed models can then be used as a permanent classroom display.