Geoblox Topographic Landform Models Set 1

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I made one of these models today, and I think it will be great for a demo. I don't have enough time for students to make them, since it took me a few hours to do and paint it. However, I was impressed with the choices available from the booklet.
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Geoblox Topographic Landform Models Set 1
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Geoblox models provide a multi-learning approach to help students understand concepts and structures from the inside out as they build their own models.

  • Thirty Models in One Set
  • Multi-Learning Approach
  • Comb-Bound Set
  • Multiple Uses for Each Set
  • Descriptions, Sketch, Instructions, and Questions Included
Geoblox models provide a multi-learning approach to helping students understand a concept or a structure from the inside out as they build their own models. Activities, such as drawing diagrams of models before they’re built, provide opportunities for students to develop thinking skills.

Each set of model patterns is comb bound and can be used as a copymaster, which produces enough material for an entire class. Models can also be enlarged for use as demonstration models.

NOTE: Models do not come preassembled. Students and educators are meant to use the patterns and instructions in the booklet to construct the models for educational purposes. Constructed models can then be used as a permanent classroom display.

Ordering information: The 30 topographic maps of landforms each feature a description, sketch, instructions, and two questions. Cardboard and building supplies are not included. Models include an atoll, emergent highland coast, estuary, sea stacks, spit, submarine canyon, tombolo, drumlins, eskers, iceberg, alluvial fan, badlands, butte, playa lake, cinder cone, entrenched meander, exfoliation dome, flood basalt, volcanic plug, earth dam, impact crater, karst, stair step topography, alpine glacier, cirque lake, horn, dendritic drainage, entrenched meanders, levees, meanders scars, and waterfall.