Geoblox Volcano Block Models

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Geoblox Volcano Block Models
Models Geology Models
Build models to study this important geological feature.

  • Models cover all major aspects of volcanology
  • Display difficult to visualize concepts
  • Models can be copied for student use
Most textbook illustrations of volcanoes are vertically exaggerated. The models represented here are drawn to a more accurate scale and some are even drawn without vertical exaggeration. The 20 models included are Ash Flow eruption, Cinder Cone, Composite Cone, Fissure Eruption, Maar, Asymmetrical Maar, Shield Volcano, Kimberlite Pipe, Lahr, Lava Tube, Nuée Ardent, Volcanic Spine, Mount Mazama Erupting, Mount Mazama Collapsing, Crater Lake, Mount St. Helens after Eruption, Parícutin: 1944, Corona on Venus, Sulfur Eruption on Io, and Olympus Mons. The set of patterns is comb-bound and can be used as a copymaster to produce enough for the entire class, or enlarge the patterns to use as demonstration models.

NOTE: Models do not come preassembled. Students and educators are meant to use the patterns and instructions in the booklet to construct the models for educational purposes. Constructed models can then be used as a permanent classroom display.