Geological Landscape Model Set

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470007-598KT 299.95 USD
Geological Landscape Model Set
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In the Geological Landscape Model Set, eight different, fully formed plastic landform pieces join together into one hexagon-shaped model.

  • Models Display over 100 features
  • Twenty-Page student Lab Book Included
  • Featured Terrains Types Include Two-Piece Volcano, Canyon, and More
  • Full Length: 3'
  • Full Width: 3'
Each section represents one type of terrain: a coastal plain, coastline, canyon, fault-block mountains, folded mountains, glaciers, and a two-piece volcano. Together the models detail over 100 features, which are numbered to correspond with an identification key in the study guide. Subsurface features relate to their corresponding landforms on the surface, and manmade formations, such as highways and airports, are identified as well.

It includes one 20-page student lab book that tests students on landform features, outlines activities, and poses questions about geography’s social and economic influences. It's overall size is 3 x 3'. The size of each segment is 17 x 11½ x 1".