Global Warming: Understanding Greenhouse Gases CD-ROM

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Global Warming: Understanding Greenhouse Gases CD-ROM
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Many of the Fundamentals are Made Accessible and Understandable

Provide students with a look at the science behind global warming instead of just having them look at the data of predictions. The package includes an authentic global climate model and simulations of many of the important concepts. Some of the scientific principles covered include the energy equilibrium, Beer-Lambert Law, Planck’s Law, and more. This software can fit into your curriculum for anywhere from one to eight weeks. Nine activity lessons with objectives and lab plans are included with the software, as well as a teacher’s guide.System RequirementsMac: PowerPC, System 7.3 to OS X, 16MB RAMWindows: 486 processor, Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP, 16MB RAM