GREEN Low Cost Estuary and Marine Water Monitoring Kit

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Armand Bayou Na
Yes, I recommend
Water Quality Monitoring Without the Wai - Having been trained to use the complete water testing equipment, I have found these kits easy to transport, reliable and safe to take to and use in the field. I teach Understanding Wetlands and Bayou Studies classes on several age levels where we do comparative aquatic studies in both brackish and fresh systems and it is less time consuming when field trips and classes visit to use these kits. I h
470146-202EA 72 USD
GREEN Low Cost Estuary and Marine Water Monitoring Kit
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Economical Water Testing Solution

  • No hazardous compounds
  • Can be used in the field or the lab
  • Single factor tests
Designed to provide simple, economical, and non-hazardous methods for testing saline and brackish water, this kit provides 10 tests each for pH, DO, BOD, temperature, turbidity, phosphate, chloride, and two for total coliform. All contents and chemicals are non-hazardous and field-friendly.