Hand Pump with Vacuum Plate

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Education / Teacher / Grangeville, ID
Yes, I recommend
The hand vacuum plate is a very useful piece of equipment. For its functionality, I give it a 5. It is easy to use, made with durable and quality materials, and worked very well with the vacuum bells that I already had. The device seals nicely, also. The only thing I can recommend is that it include some sort of instruction manual and a diagram of the parts. Otherwise, a very nice piece of scientific equipment.
SARGENTWELCH.com associate Published 11/14/2017
Thanks for sharing!
470121-430EA 161.9 USD
Hand Pump with Vacuum Plate
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Efficient combination of a pump and a vacuum plate.

  • Plate features a silicon seal, which allows perfect sealing of the bell jar with the plate
  • 20 cm diameter size
Just a few strokes of the pump are enough to establish a vacuum in a bell jar, so students can observe the reducing sound level of the bell. The plate can also be used with electric vacuum pumps with the help of a three-way stopcock under the plate.