Hand vacuum pump without gauge

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470002-936EA 39 USD
Hand vacuum pump without gauge
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Welch DuoSeal Two-Stage Pump operates at a low rpm, runs cool, and reaches maximum vacuum with less back streaming.

  • Pump’s Rate: 15 mL per Stroke
  • Quart Bottles of Duo Seal Oil Included
  • Pump Fitted with Valve
  • Long Service Life
  • Hand Grips Included on Pump
  • requires tubing that has a ¼ I.D. and 3/8 to 5/16 O.D
It's easy to remove moisture and oxygen from tanks and other containers with this ergonomic hand pump. Supplied without a pressure gauge, the pump’s rate is 15 mL per stroke. For convenience, it's fitted with a valve to release the vacuum without disconnecting the pump. Hand grips on the pump provide added comfort and a firm hold.

The reduced friction and wear on components makes for a longer service life. Pumps are shipped with tightly sealed quart bottles of Duo Seal oil.

Ordering information: This vacuum pump includes quart bottles of Duo Seal oil. One extra quart is supplied. A three-wire cord and plug is also included.