'Happy' and 'Sad' Balls

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The Isles of Ba
Yes, I recommend
Fabulous! - Ones happy! And ones unhappy - what more could you want in the world? They have a loving family here in my stunning ball collection museum!
470008-032KT 11.65 USD
'Happy' and 'Sad' Balls
Educational Materials Physics Educational Materials Mechanics Learning Activities
Vividly demonstrate elastic and inelastic collisions.

  • Set of 2 black rubber balls, 1.375" diameter
  • No distinguishing marks on the balls to differentiate
Although both balls are identical in shape, the "happy" ball rebounds very well while the "sad" or "unhappy" ball does not. Several experiments involving the simple bounce and roll of these balls demonstrate repulsion and inelasticity. When dropped on a hard surface from an equal height, the happy ball bounces high and the sad ball barely bounces at all. The happy ball also rolls faster than the sad ball. These balls provide an interesting and memorable demonstration for studying elasticity, kinetic energy, and polymer composition.

Caution: CHOKING HAZARD - This toy is a small ball. Not for children under 3 years.