Helios Planetarium with Northern Hemisphere Stardome

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No, I didn't recommend
I received the Helios Planetarium as part of a grant, if I had used my entire science budget I would be more disappointed. It is difficult to use in a normal classroom, I have been all over my entire school trying to find a room to use it in where the students can see the stars.
SARGENTWELCH.com associate Published 12/07/2017
Thank you for your feedback on the Helios Planetarium. We recommend blacking out any windows using dark construction paper if lighting is an issue. Also, moving the planetarium closer to a wall and if available, a projector screen will yield the best results.
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Helios Planetarium with Northern Hemisphere Stardome
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Helios Planetarium with Northern Hemisphere Stardome.

  • Planets orbit at the correct relative speeds
  • A stardome shows stars for the northern hemisphere
  • Includes a teacher's manual
We consider this among the best instruments you can buy to demonstrate the relative motion of planets around the Sun and the movement of the Moon around Earth.

On the circular base, model planets revolve at their correct relative speeds around a central sun, and the Moon revolves around the Earth. Planets can be positioned for any year and month by means of the degree scale on the rim of the base.

A stardome illustrates the position of the planets among the stars and constellations. The base can also be used to mount the Earth globe and Moon on an inclined axis. When driven, the Earth rotates on its axis, and the Moon revolves around Earth.

The Helios can be used to demonstrate such topics as day and night, seasons, and with the stardome in position, the stars visible at various latitudes.