Helmholtz Coils Apparatus

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Sierra Vista Az
Yes, I recommend
Price is good but... - The helmholtz coil system sold here needs better supports. The coils are fine but the mounts fit too loose on the track.
470121-440EA 162.2 USD
Helmholtz Coils Apparatus
Educational Materials Physics Educational Materials Electricity/Magnetism Learning Activities
Demonstrate superposition of magnetic fields with this easy-to-use apparatus.

  • Each coil contains 400 turns of copper wire, wound on former of approx. 150 mm diameter
  • 4 mm 'banana plug' terminals
  • Maximum current in the coil is 1 A to avoid overheating
  • Coil separation can range from approx. 1.75 to 12"
  • Direction of current is marked on each coil
A pair of precision coils and 400 turns of wire are wound on a heat-resistant former of approximately 150 mm diameter. The coil is comprised of a support rod, which fits on the holders of the track system supplied, enabling them to be aligned on a common axis for measurements and study of the magnetic fields.

Normally used in pairs, each coil has 4 mm terminals and their distance apart is adjusted over the track supplied. The maximum current in the coil is 1 A to avoid overheating. Direction of current is marked on each coil. The complete apparatus measures 6.5" tall , 11" long, and 6.5" wide.